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This is a list of popular modifications that will save you money and time. A lot of which will make your Vstar look great..
We at the VSTAR Custom, Classic, & Dragstar forum and Website do not guarantee the success of the  following mods. They can be done if you take your time and follow the instructions. The use of factory repair manuals and after market repair manuals may be beneficial, have useful information, and relevant information.
Intake (See Performance Info section for Intake mods)
  • Drill out of stock (3 Hole mod)
    • How to drill out stock exhaust for a minor gain in sound
  • New pipe mod (Telmo mod)
    • New way to drill out stock exhaust without rejetting.
  • Pipe Mod (First Baffle Gut) (Pre-Catalytic Converter models)
    • The inexpensive way to modify your pipes
  • Slash cut exhaust (Third Baffle Gut) (Pre-Catalytic Converter models)
    • instructions on slash cutting your exhaust
  • Make your own baffle
    • Build a baffle for slash cut pipes
  • Crumb Cup mod
    • A way to quiet down pipes.  This mod is written for HK pipes, but works on others. (*External Link)
  • Thumb screw mod
    • How to add back pressure on Drag Pipes. (*External Link)
Electrical / Lighting
Add-Ons / Dress Up
Members sites
  • Stormloader
    • Many mods to the V-Star including floorboard extensions, lowering front end, replace pegs. Thanks to Gary (*External Link)
  • Ziv's RedRum site
    • Many great tips and modifications (*External Link)
  • Wofat's Rocketeer
    • Many tips on Modifications (*External Link)
* External Links are not under the control of the 650ccnd forum, and as such, may or may not contain information, thoughts,
  or statements supported by the forum and its moderators.

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